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hofer lectures at the 3rd International CTI Forum “Turbocharging”


Mr. Dragan Popov referred about “Downsizing” out of the view of hofer powertrain at the 3rd international CTI Forum “Turbocharging” in Wiesbaden (16th-17th of June 2008).

The presentation gave an overview about the state of the art technique and showed details about the different solutions of the OEMs. Main issues are the reduction of the number of cylinders, the reduction of the displacement, tribologic attributes, simulation, virtual testing, gas exchange, valvetrain concepts and compression concepts, oil management, cooling concepts as well as electrification and hybrid concepts.

The main focus was to show the system competence of hofer: development and industrialisation of engine systems (cam phasers, variable valve train systems and injection systems), the development of electrical drivetrains as well as the integration into the drivetrain as well as into the vehicle.

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