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Urban Challenge 2007 (USA): robot cars without drivers competing against each other in a challenge. In Liaison with the University of Braunschweig hofer getriebetechnik GmbH has built up a robot car to take part in the American Urban Challenge. This competition attracts engineers from all over the world.  The robot cars have to manage a course in a city to show how they cope with realistic situations –including traffic rules and other traffic participants. “The concept does not have the aim that we will never drive again ourselves. Our vision is a car which is excessively safer than cars today and helps us as a virtual co-driver in dangerous situations or drives on its own when we want it to”, said Professor Dr. Rumpe of the University Braunschweig.

For this project hofer employees have built in a shifting robot in a Passat named “Caroline”. The actuator proved to work excellently and showed considerable advantages over other solutions. In short: Great work of hofer getriebetechnik GmbH with an excellent result.

Caroline did qualify herself for the final and could return back home to Germany finishing 7th of 89 cars in total.

The management wants to once again thank the team for their excellent work and the teamwork together with the University Braunschweig.

A short documentation of the challenge was shown an the 4th of November 2007 in Galileo on Pro7.

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