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Wolfsburg - Präsentation des Formula Student Fahrzeuges 2008 am Eröffnungstag der Hannover Messe.


hofer getriebetechnik has had another chance to participate in an unordinary project of the future, likewise as by CAROLINE. The Formula Student racing car „LionsRacer“of the Technical University Braunschweig had been constructed with support of hofer getriebetechnik. Besides supplying the high-precision parts there could be expanded the contacts to the TU Braunschweig. Furthermore, hofer getriebetechnik and hofer powertrain sponsored the university team involved in the „LionsRacer“ project.
At the opening of the Hannover-Fair there took place the highly desired RollOut. In the presence of lots of interested persons, parents and other sponsors the racing car of this year was uncovered. Races in Hockenheim and Silverstone are taking place this year.


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