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Weight reduction

Example: Optimized shapes of wall thickness of a crankcase
Target of the project
Weight reduction because of
  • CO2  reduction
  • car weighttargetgoals
  • cost reduction
Result of the project
  • Weight reduction 25%(original weight 12.5 kg)
  • Amortization of all costs within 1 year
  • Saving potentials per year 2 Mio €
Example: Maximum material removement 
Standard design
hofer weight-optimised solution
  • Weight reduction up to 15%
  • Cost reduction 15%
Example: Optimization of gearbox housing
FEM calculation for:
  • Realization of a homogeneous stress distribution
  • Durability estimations
  • Evaluation of acoustical behavior
  Problem analysis hofer solution
Failure because of
inhomogeneous stress
Problem analysis through
simulation of the failure
Systematic solution approach
through FEM and expert analysis
Example: Aluminum versus Magnesium optimized housing
Aluminium design Magnesium design
  • Equal stiffness and strength
  • 35% less weight
  • Equal manufacturing costs
Example: Rib optimization
Problem analysis hofer solution
Reference project (gearbox housing):
  • achieve same strength and stiffness
  • achieve same acoustic behaviour
  • use identical machines and assembly line
  • weight reduction  
  • Component with 18 % less weight, 18 % less costs, same geometrical properties
  • FEM Simulation
  • complete redesign
  • casting simulation


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