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Upgrading of the motor competence at hofer


On September the 1st 2008 Mr. Jörg Neugärtner joins the management of the A.T.Süd GmbH and will run the development centre in Lenting together with Dr. Ralf Buck. 

Mr. Neugärtner possesses considerable experience in the field of engines (focusing on engine control systems) and was earlier successfully employed by Continental (former Siemens VDO) in Regensburg. There he was head of the division  „Gasoline Engines’ System architecture and System Design “. In this function he was managing the conceptual design and development of the EMS2 (engine management system) platform. Lastly he developed system concepts for gasoline motors’ direct fuel injection and was responsible for the conceptual design of the next system- and engine control platforms’ generations.



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