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Business & Philosophy

The hofer-group was established in 1980 in Germany as an engieneering company and today it employs more than 800 employees.
Development and industrialization of systems within the powertrain, coupled with measuring-testing-and production techniques, form hofer´s core competence.

Our head-quarters are placed strategically and are operating as independent plc. Thus efficiency, promptness and short reaction times are guaranteed – decisive features for the co-operation with hofer.

We maintain a professional and fair co-operation with our customers – with a disposition for entrepreneurial risk, the highest possible demand for quality as regards our performance. Both, the management and each individual employee are aware about their function as a role model.

More than 75% of our staff are engineers and technicians, throughout experts and specialists from the automotive industry and they can refer to long standing Turn-Key project experiences. They speak the “tongue of our customers” in the truest sense of the word – taking into consideration our international orientation.

Over the last years, hofer has successfully established itself as a developer of systems. Nowadays, hofer is developing the most modern transmission technique – yet we have not forgotten our roots. The sense for service orientation has remained: we see each task through the eyes of our customer – and being an independent developer we are able to generate customized solutions for our customers and their production-cost-and outlet- targets.

As an engineering fire-brigade we pitch in if there is a problem: in ”task-force projects” quickly and above all we are discreetly securing the SOP.

We think in solutions, consider the function of an entire system, see the whole process of development and the product life-cycle – and we continue to develop ourselves further with each day.

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