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Modular test field HMP

Function and layout

For investigating different drive train configurations and components hofer has prepared the modular test field HMP. HMP contents various, different electrical motors and centrifugal masses. All can be used for driving the test set-up or producing a certain load.

By usage of different belt transmissions various ratios can be adjusted. By this the requested speed or torque range could be fulfilled.

All components of the HMP are placed on single bed plates, which can be arranged to reproduce the original drive train situation.

Standard measurement technology is implemented and additional measuring equipment can be installed where necessary and requested.



Technical data


Available electric motors:

2x aircooled AC electric motors Wittur DSB 3-13.3
 max. power:50 kW each
 max. torque:159 Nm each
 max. speed:8000 rpm
 1x aircooled AC electric motor Wittur DSB 3-13.5
 max. power:55 kW
 max. torque:93 Nm
 max. speed:8000 rpm
3 available flywheels:  
 inertia: 30 kg/m² each
 max. speed:2500 rpm


Possible Set-ups

Testing of longitudinal gearboxes and drive trains (RWD)
Testing of FWD gearboxes and drive trains
Testing of four-wheel-drive arrangements
Testing of drive train components

Testing purposes

Functional testing of drive trains and components
Endurance testing of drive trains and components
Shift quality measurements
NVH investigations on drive trains
Special tests (lubrication investigations, endoscopic investigations etc.)

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