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Hydraulic Hot Test Bench HPP01


Function and layout

A hydraulic powerpack creates the pressure supply for the test units.
The test units will get cyclic pressure by a proportional valve.
Pressure up and down ramping plus holding times could be adjusted.
The test units can be heated by hot hydraulic fluid during the test run if requested.



Test possibilities 

  • Endurance testing of hydraulic components under cyclic changing loads
  • Endurance hot testing of hydraulic components
  • Investigation of torque setting and reduction of hydraulic components



Technical Data

  • Hydraulic pressure: max. 150 bar
  • Temperature of hot bath: max. 180 °C (burning point of hydraulic fluid has to be considered!)


Operating methods

  • Endurance testing (24 hrs)
  • Ramp functions by control system


Measurement technology

  • pressure
  • oil temperature
  • Additional measuring equipment if requested

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