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Shift Quality

Shift comfort, perfect functionality and NVH parameters

Shift quality of a gearbox is one of the most important factors contributing to the whole impression of driving comfort. Subjective evaluation helps to a certain limited degree and is highly dependent on the current mood of the test engineer, his experience or his physical condition. hofer powertrain make an objective evaluation of shift quality possible by means of simulation and special measurement tools. From the shift force, shift travel, rotational speed and NVH, hofer experts define parameters, which are necessary to evaluate shift quality. In addition to a basic rating negative shifting phenomena such as double bump, scratching, unlocking and spool-in problems are identified and evaluated.


hofer standardised approach to shift quality optimisation (MT)

  • Vehicle measurements and shift comfort test bench tests
  • Benchmarking
  • Automated evaluation
  • Objectivisationin line with hofer standard
  • Detailed simulation of phenomena relevant for shift comfort
  • Simulation-based optimisation
  • Implementing of optimising measurements
  • Alternative synchronizing systems




Growing customer requirements for comfort demand key expertise in gear shift system design. hofer experts have significant experience in developing gear shift systems as well as applying their expertise to individual solutions – for brand new design or an optimisation task.

Our competences in gear shift design 


  • Experts cast design
  • Kinematic studies


  • Strength calculations
  • Stiffness calculations
  • Structural dynamic analysis


MKS Simulation

  • Rigid body natural frequences and modes’ calculation
  • Vibration optimization (e.g. Shift lever vibration)


Simulation shift quality

  • Force / travel curves at the shift lever
  • Influence of the external gear shift on the shift comfort 


Experimental vibration simulation on test bench

  • Excitation from vehicle measurements
  • Reproduction of even non-linear defelction shapes 



  • Procurement, components management, supplier selection, price negotiation
  • Quality, supplier support and auditing, coordination regarding functional requirements, price-performance ration, near-series design and production process
  • Testing: benchmark competitors, validation of simulation
  • Prototypes validation: stiffness of shift gate and gear selection, effects of friction and dimensional accuracy


Preseries / series


  • Procurement, components management
  • Quality, supplier support, conformity to quality guidelines, process monitoring and control
  • Testing: function, durability, subjective and objective evaluation, analysis of test parts
  • OEM certified test benches, special test benches for parts, components and whole gear shift system) design and set up 



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 13-06-19_VDI Vortrag_Kern.pdf  Optimization of shift quality by means of simulation. 
 Simulation_Based_Comfort_Evaluation_for_vehicles_with_Automated_Transmissions.pdf  Simulation Based Comfort Evaluation for vehicles with Automated Transmissions 
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