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Software and Electronics

Electronics and software are taking up an increasingly large proportion of the powertrain, and are meanwhile contributing significantly to the value of the product. The full efficiency of the powertrain derives from the intelligence only made possible by fulfilment of sophisticated ancillary requirements with regard to legal requirements and customer wishes.
In its control systems division, hofer powertrain supplies the engine, clutch, transmission and differential with control intelligence, ensuring that all the units operate together smoothly and harmoniously.

hofer powertrain is the independent and competent interface to control-unit manufacturers, and supplies the complete function software tailored to the respective powertrain.
Powertrains with dual-clutch transmissions, AMTs, CVTs, IVTs, load-sharing transmissions, hybrids and active powertrain systems such as torque vectoring are complex mechatronic systems which require perfect control algorithms that combine performance and comfort in optimal harmony, from the engine to the wheel.

In the software development and electronics sector, hofer powertrain offers:
  • Establishment of requirements and specifications
  • Model-based function software for rapid prototyping and series control units
  • Integration into vehicles and application
  • Problem solving, whatever the system
Our function software offers algorithms that have grown from a profound knowledge and understanding of systems. This means that cars at hofer never judder when they start, and shifting gears is spontaneous and comfortable.
This consistent, model-based approach saves us valuable project time in advance, because our software already has a high degree of development even before it is deployed in its first vehicle.

Because of its systematic development on the basis of Matlab/Stateflow and Realtime Workshop, hofer software is also control-unit-independent, i.e. it can be switched from one control unit to another during the development process and the existing algorithms can also be used once again for other control units, saving unnecessary verification and, above all, a lot of development time.

With rapid prototyping control units such as Dspace we are very well prepared for all the requirements of your future powertrains. New bus systems such as Flexray are no problem either.

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