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Engine & Systems

hofer combines all competencies for the development and construction of entire drive units and the controls to operate them, as well as functional and calibrational activities.

Focus on:
  • Concept development, engine construction and engine application
  • Lightweight construction concepts, cast magnesium and cast optimization
  • Cylinder head and valve operation components as well as camshaft phasers
  • Construction and operation of units for use with alternative fuels
  • Retrofitting of units for gas operation
  • Retrofitting of units for seawater-proof operation
From concept to series: elaboration of function requirements, concept CAD and FEM simulation, prototype set-up and validation all the way to the testing of units under customer-premise-related conditions.
Basic Engine
  • Design and calculation of basic engine
  • Rigidity analysis and vibration optimization
  • Concepts for lightweight construction (magnesium, PA 6x…)
  • Cast and cast optimization
  • Valve operation design of variable valve operation (VVT / VVL)
Large Engines
hofer has been involved in the development of high power applications including large engines, transmissions and electrical drives since 20 years. Hybridising the driveline is our key competence, the combination of our expertise in e-mobility, software and electronics development as well as prototype manufacturing being crucial for achieving the short development times and best possible solutions.

hofer engineering services and supply scope includes:

  • Development support and component development from concept to serial production
  • Market surveys and benchmark studies
  • Design
  • Computer-aided engineering (CAE) for structural analysis, mechanical and thermal optimisation of components (forces, deformations, temperature, …)
  • Use of CFD programs for analysis and optimisation of charge gas exchange, (turbo charger and electrical) as well as cooling and lubrication system
  • Function und endurance test of components and engines
  • Failure investigation of existing systems
  • Prototype and serial assembly of components and systems
Combustion / Injection / Ignition
  • System concepts / system design
  • Simulation (1D/2D or 3D)
  • Common Rail Direct Injection (Diesel / Otto Engine)
  • Function development and validation (e.g. OBD II functions or cylinder pressure based control)
  • Ignition concepts (Otto)
  • CNG / LPG systems
Ancillary units
  • Chains and vehicle auxiliary drive system
  • Controlled oil and water pumps
  • Optimization and layout of levelling compound and transmission
Product development
  • Concepts
  • Pre-/series development
  • Calculation / simulation
  • Construction 2D/3D
  • FMEA, value analysis
  • Prototypes
  • Testing
  • Product benchmark
System analysis
  • Test bench measurements
  • Vehicle measurements
  • Vehicle-authentic test benches
  • Dynamic simulation of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems
  • Benchmark studies
  • NVH analyses
  • Process planning
  • Quality management
  • Subcontractor development
  • Process optimization
  • System analysis
  • Function benchmark and validation
  • Durability testing, test bench development and construction
  • Application/calibration ECU


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