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Clutch & DMF

Increasing comfort and consumption requirements placed on vehicle engines and transmissions are accompanied by demands and expectations placed on clutch systems.
Our portfolio comprises:
  • Wet/dry clutches, friction pads
  • Control systems (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic)
  • Simulation of clutch systems (actuation and clutch)
  • Test bench testing / vehicle testing (endurance testing / high performance / misuse)
  • Test bench construction and sensor systems (special test benches, special-construction sensor systems)
  • Friction pad development
  • Benchmarking (evaluation, measurements)
  • Development of special measuring methods (release travel and temperature measurement)
Over the past years numerous new concepts have been elaborated and developed to series readiness, e.g. wet dual clutches.
hofer powertrain continues to make a major contribution towards these developments and to the optimization of classic clutch systems. What makes us distinctive is that we combine high competence with independence. This enables us to evaluate the entire clutch system (from pedal to crankshaft) on a neutral basis and select and combine exactly the right components and subassemblies for our customers.
Our support begins ideally with the elaboration of function requirements, and goes far beyond series start-up. With our competent team of experts we provide support that is conceptional, constructive and operative. Here we also look after subcontractor selection and subcontractor relations as well as the planning and implementation of tests. Because of our independence and creativity, we always achieve optimal results for our customers.
Sample projects
  • Release travel and vibration measurements on automotive clutch systems
  • Analysis and optimization of actuation system
  • Damage analysis of truck clutch system after model change

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