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Electric Drive Systems


Highly efficient electric drives are decisive for hybrid, fuel-cell or electric vehicles.
hofer powertrain offers universal solutions for the development and integration of electrical drive systems:
  • Alternators
  • Power electronics
  • Software
The hofer powertrain range of services comprises:
  • Concepts – from the simulation of electrical systems to the prototype
  • Series development - design, simulation, testing and verification for series
  • Process planning and verification of production start-up

For over 10 years now, the hofer team has been elaborating solutions for customers – and always set standards in the process.



Electrical Machine Design:

  • Development of electromagnetic design according to specific customer requirement (synchronous, induction etc.)
  • Mechanical design of electrical machine (side mounted, integrated design, axle drive etc.)
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Set-up and test of electrical machines
  • Thermal simulation and thermal design
  • Advance development topics
  • Integration of EM into the powertrain
  • Support  for power connection solution
  • Support for serial development

Power Electronic Design:

  • Prototype of power electronic
  • Electronic simulations
  • DC link capacitors design criteria
  • Power losses calculation and  simulation
  • Tthermal model building and thermal simulation
  • Power inverter topology comparison
  • PWM control pattern development and comparison for different applications
  • Support for serial development
  • Support  for sensorsrik ( current, position, temperature)

Electric Drives System Design:

  • Design and simulation of different powertrain architectures for automotive applications
  • Simulation of electric drive system  (EM,ECU and SW)
  • Definition of component specification ( SW, HW, Function)
  • System simulation including  energy storage and mechanical powertrain
  • System test, calibration and set up
  • Function and SW development (anti jerk, speed control, Sensorless control, limitations etc..)
  • Development of electrical machine control algorithms
  • Development of customer specific  solutions
  • Safety concept and diagnostic function design
  • Support for serial development

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