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Design of an electric drive system (electrical machine and power electronic) for the hybridization of a passenger car. Prototype design, prototype manufacturing, function and SW development, system calibration, test and set up in the vehicle. 


  • System design based on simulation of complete electric drive with Matlab/ Simulink.
  • Electromagnetic design of the electrical machine with FEM and analytic methods
  • Mechanical design of EM with CAD
  • Thermal design with analytic tools
  • Embedded SW development or rapid prototyping SW with dSpace
  • System control via CAN bus ( CANalyzer , CANape)
  • System calibration, System set up and test at the test bench and in the vehicle at the customer



Robust and high efficiency control for all type of electrical machine proven in low volume hybrid and electric vehicles. Flexible and reusable SW architecture. Reliable mechanic design. High customer satisfaction

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