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Engine & Systems: Sample projects


  • Cast magnesium / cast optimization
  • Variable valve operation
  • Engine tests / test bench tests
  • Optimization of camshaft phasing control


Sample project – Camshaft phaser locking

Balanced locking function
  • Prevention of unwanted phase setting immediately after engine start
  • Precise control of unlocking time possible
  • Unlocking function independent of chamber pressure
  • Unlocking takes place via rise in control oil pressure, which affects the front of the main slider
  • OBD monitoring for the phaser during engine start is no longer necessary, because the phaser is mechanically locked

Sample project – Cost-optimized camshaft phaser

OPA camshaft phaser on the vane-type principle (OPA=Oil Pressure Activated)
  • Conventional shape
  • Cost-optimized solution

Sample project – Construction of valve operation components

Oil supply module
  • Optimization for mounting at cylinder head
  • Optimization of production and assembly
  • Cast design and optimization
  • 3D modelling

CAD Software @ hofer:

  • UG, Pro-engineer, Catia, V-5, ...


  • Amsys, ProMechanika,

Sample project – Cast magnesium




Sample project – Testing

Engine test bench experiment: Testing turbocharger NFZ

Test bench equipment:

  • 2 test benches set up as containers
  • Load unit eddy-current brakes
  • Test subjects placed on pallets
  • P_max=440 kW; n_max=10.000 1/min; M_max=1.600 Nm
  • Additional machine for pulling (30 kW max)

Application and analysis tools: INCA, CANape, …

Sample project:

  • Endurance testing and rigidity testing of turbocharger
  • Carbonization endurance testing
  • Oil consumption tests

Further projects in test-bench sector:

  • Function structures for gear drive and toothed belt
  • Camshaft phasing test and valve lift adjustment
  • Leakage tests
  • Operation with special fuels
  • Vibrational analyses
  • Cold-run tests (engine in cold room up to –40°C)
  • Analysis of structural tension via DMS
  • Preparation of special structures (e.g. Plexiglas windows)

Sample project – Optimization of camshaft phasing

Control unit application / Function optimization

  • Measurement and evaluation of optimization requirement
  • Analysis of control parameters
  • Optimization via DOE
  • Testing

Application and analysis tools: INCA, CANape, ...

Sample project:

  • Optimization of valve operation control times
  • Optimization of running smoothness
  • Controller adjustment / optimization of parameters and data feed
  • Efficiency increase (performance, torque, fuel consumption)
  • Monitoring of actuator technology – adapted diagnostics
  • Fault diagnostics implementation


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