BranchenProdukte Production Kompetenzen

Methodological Competence - Simulation

To accelerate development processes when quality demands are increasing all the time, hofer powertrain makes consistent use of the virtual powertrain as a development environment. Simulation models enable problem points to be detected and solved in advance.  
The main system development focus at hofer powertrain is system simulation. In our simulation models, the entire powertrain with all its dynamic qualities is displayed. This is absolutely essential in order to integrate the individual components and subsystems into a harmonious whole.targetcriteria such as gear-change comfort, rattling gears and clutch grabbing on start-up can be harmonized in the simulation and then strategically integrated into the vehicle design.  
Apart from powertrain phenomena, degree of efficiency and NVH (noise vibration harshness) are topics that can be dealt with and solved much more rapidly by means of simulation.

For us, simulation is a method that is used with all tasks, whether it involves test-bench design, software development or the construction of components and new drive systems.
Apart from the system simulation, which gives us our overview, we naturally use the methods of the FEM, CFD for detailed analysis.


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