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Systems Engineering Competence – NVH

NVH at hofer powertrain covers the entire range of problem-solving regarding vibrational, acoustic and durability issues – both for components of the powertrain as well as for bearings of auxiliary equipment.

Starting with subjective and objective analysis followed by the elaboration of solutions in simulations and finally to the production of prototypes and experimental proof of improvement, hofer-NVH takes a comprehensive approach to all vibration-related phenomena.

Why hofer powertrain and no other… ?

  • Comprehensive analysis of all relevant powertrain components
  • Deep and detailed knowledge of engines, gears and controls
  • Experts at subjective evaluation of powertrain acoustics
  • Professional experimental and simulation analysis methods
  • Profound experience in the design of elastomer components
  • Complete independence
  • Comprehensive problem solving all the way to the functional prototype – from a single source!

Systems Engineering Competence - NVH

  • Modal analysis
  • Operational vibration analysis
  • Transfer path analysis
  • Determination of elastomer component properties
  • Simulation of powertrain vibrations
  • Simulation of differential vibrations/whining
  • Simulation of structure-borne sound
  • Calculation of component strain
  • Calculation of durability
  • Design of decoupling elements


Range of services


  • Vibration technology, acoustics and durability
  • Elastic bearings in the powertrain and for auxiliary equipment
  • Clutch judder, tip-in/back-out problems, clonkings
  • Powertrain rumbling, differential whining
  • Design of elastomer components
  • Prototypes of elastomer components
  • Durability testing of elastomer component









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