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Development of powertrain systems for the automotive industry requires consistent systems engineering for processes and technology.

hofer has its own development tools for planning and following the process of product creation and thus has command of product development, process development and production start-up.

  • Target catalogues and specifications documents
  • hofer master plan for development and industrialization
  • Design engineering methods
  • Simulation methods
  • Test benches and measuring methods

Target catalogues and functions requirements form the basis of product development; project planning using milestone plans and question catalogues guarantees that all relevant targets will be met per project phase.
In the initial phase of the product creation process, product development is accompanied by teams for process planning, quality control and start-up management . They check on component function and durability and ensure that decisive factors and parameters for series production are fulfilled.

All disciplines work supra-departmentally here, refining their systems engineering in their own specialist field:
We use all customary CAE tools, in accordance with our customers' standards, and have also developed our own design methods.
Our Simulationsmodelle act as a virtual test bench. They open up a broad range of parameter variations and enhance system understanding. With our help you can "see" at locations that no measuring technology can reach. This reduces elaborate tests on test benches and/or inside the vehicle, and within a far shorter time enables a much higher degree of maturity – without any "trial and error"...
Our own test bench and measuring equipment enable us to act quickly, flexibly and independently. And for special cases we develop new measuring methods, sensors and test bench structures.

What you get from us:

  • Comcepts that are also tried and tested,
  • Designs that are weight and rigidity-orptized, and
  • Simulation models that are validated and calibrated.


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