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FZV/EVT stepless transmission

A further innovation is the FZV stepless transmission. This development is based on a variator unit consisting of two vane-type pumps which ends at a planetary transmission without any more shift stages in between. The four-quadrant operation of the vane-type variators makes it possible – using the speed band of the combustion engine – to vary travel speed from -40 km/h (theoretical) to +120 km/h and more.

By retaining the basic principle but using a generator and an electric motor, stepless transmission can also be presented in hybrid design (EVT- stepless transmission). Here, several system benefits can be used, such as boost function, recuperation, purely electric travel with limited speed, etc.
Thetargetvehicles for the numerous possibilities offered by both systems are motorcycles, maxiscooters, ATVs, city cars and small tractors, as well as various customized special vehicles.
The compact size, the degree of efficiency and the highly varied operation programmes all underline the degree of innovation in both concepts.



Product Description FZV Stepless Transmission Product Description EVT Stepless Transmission
  • Stepless transmission based on the functional principle of hydrostatic-mechanical load-sharing
  • The hydraulic power path ist generated through the combination of vane pump and vane motor.
  • Stepless transmission based on the functional principle of electric-mechanical load-sharing
  • The electric power path is build up through the generator/motor combination with additional battery storage.


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