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Passenger Vehicles

hofer has many years' experience in the development and industrialization of systems in the passenger-vehicle powertrain: know-how with regard to mass production as well as the prestigious luxury-car segment.

Take advantage of these decisive factors whenever the following are involved:

  • Engine systems
    Common-Rail pumps, variable valve controls, etc.
  • Clutch/DMF
    Starter elements, actuation systems, etc.
  • Transmission & Gearshift
    MT, AT, AMT, DCT, synchronization, control, software, etc.
  • Powertrain components
    Hybrid powertrain, differential technology, vibration dampers, etc.


Passenger-vehicle powertrain is our passion. Our specialists with their many years' experience are proficient in a whole scope of a development from academic research to simulation, measurements, design, software development und prototyping including series matters such as batch costing, suppliers' development, production planning and quality management.
Having realised the signs of the time many years ago hofer works on improving the efficiency of the whole powertrain and on the new concepts of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow under the motto „alternative powertrains“.
The tour goes from the optimisation of the combustion processes, the exhaust gas aftertreatment (SCR), intelligent gearbox and torque vectoring over downsizing and hybridisation to the alternative fuel arts and pure electric drives into the future of reduced emission and more efficiency.
In the course of the improvement of individual vehicles more and more crossroads will be opened, we are prepared for that.


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