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Nowhere is a person confronted more with physics than on a motorcycle, and that's only one of several aspects in this sector that are just that little bit different ...

Our fields of specialization:

  • Optimal fine-tuning of the entire powertrain (shift shock, load change behaviour, powertrain resonance, etc.)
  • Development of innovative drive systems (FZV, EVT, etc.)

By means of well-engineered, through test benches and test drives verified motorcycle drivetrain simulation models, the dynamics of both drivetrain and vehicle can be predicted.
  • Function and comfort optimization
  • Components optimization
  • Securing the durability
Thus, at the very early stage you reach a high level of your product’s maturity. For the vehicle and powertrain concepts of the future (3-wheel, ATV, CVT, e-drive, etc.) we develop innovative systems featuring verifiable efficiency and comfort advantages.

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