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Selected project examples  (extract )



High- performance camshaft phasing

  • high adjustment speed  by reducing leakage
  • application of a central valve with integrated holding valve
  • high utilization –degree of camshaft alteration moments







Development high-pressure oil pump for axle transmission of passenger car

  • application in passenger vehicle – sport segment
  • low starting  torque
  • high pressure level



Elastomer bearing design

  • structure analysis of the subframe and  analysis of  the structure-borne noise transmission
  • designing of optimal bearing-charcteristic  per spatial direction with respect to support
  • function, isolation and life-span
  • realization into a real design up to the manufacturing of prototypes




  • compact construction
  • modular assembly   
  • high degree of efficiency
  • flexible design
  • economic design
  • low weight


Development valve technique

  • on/off valves, pilot valves, direction control valves, pressure  regulating valves
  • in  Cartridge construction,
  • without Cartridge, operating directly 



Motorcycle transmission concept

  • design of 2  types (sliding collar, sliding wheel)
  • 3D design
  • life-time calculation of gearings, axles, bearings


Bowden cable buzz

  • measurement analysis of noise problems  in the shift- and  select-cable of a gearshift in the time – and frequency- domain  with the additional help of a virtual camera
  • assembly of a simulation model and alignment with performance data
  • sensitivity analysis on the components test bench and in the simulation as well as
  • the planning of a solution regarding the serial application



 Concept-comparison  of  Torque  Vectoring systems

  •  simulation models of various Torque Vectoring concepts
  • virtual assessment with respect  to regulating  dynamics, controllability and temperature behaviour
  • development of controllability strategies by means of a critical course





Shifting strategy for a automated gearbox  (AMT)

  • measurement and analysis gearshift AMT
  • construction of a simulation model of the entire powertrain
  • planning of new gearshift strategies and alternative synchronization concepts for
    the cycle time of AMT´s




Optimization of pumps

  • simulation of pumps in the conceptual phase on the basis of AMESim (LMS)
  • pre-optimization of hardware prototypes
  • verification on the pump test bench



Coupling – temperature model

  • thermal calculation of wet and dry gearshift- and starting – elements
  • fast and simple diagnozing of temperatures under varying parameters and
    operating conditions
  • display of temporal- and spatial  - temperature characteristics of all clutch components
  • simulation of critical repetitive gearshifting

Hydrostatic Torque Vectoring

  • shorter  reaction time than those systems already available  on the market
  • exact control of the vector moment, independent of the temperature
  • for system-inherit reasons a very low wear and tear due to hydrodynamic lubrication
  • compact mode of construction by through integrated actuating elements
  • maximum utilization of the availabe heat capacity
  • application possible as inter-axle and inter-wheel differential lock



Steering – NVH optimization

  • measuring analysis of air-and structure-borne sound during the steering with EPS
  • development of improvements of the E-motor controls for a reduced  acoustic noise generation
  • development of measurements for a reduced structure-borne transmittance



Fatigue failure at auxillury equipment

  • Stress analysis in the area of the failure by combination of multi-body-simulation (equipment in its elastic mountings) and FEM (metal geometry) 
  • Design of elastic mountings for reduced vibration of the equipment and optimization of the metal geometry
  • Calculation of damage accumulation with respect to known load profile and durability estimation



Hybrid demo-vehicles

  • development, construction and adaption of complete hybrid powertrains
    (front-crosswise AND rear- lengthwise) inclusive design of passenger compartment
  • development, construction and integration of belt transmission concepts for  hybrid vehicle
  • concepts for torque converter connections for hybrid vehicles






Variable valve lifting devices - market survey

  • introduction of projects and description of system-properties
  • comparison and assessment of systems


VDC – Hydrostatic-mechanical load-sharing dual-clutch transmission 
  • Development of wheelset, dual clutch, hydraulic control, electronics (HW+SW)
  • Free of traction interruption due to overlay of hydrostat/planetary transmission
  • Application for off-road vehicles in the performance range up to 240 HP
Actuator control for dual-clutch transmission
  • Development of A & B sample, industrialization
  • Testing of function and durability
  • Modular control concept
  • High degree of efficiency, good actuator controllability
  • Actuation technology integration option
  • Cost-optimized design and low weight
High-performance common-rail injection pump
  • High pressure level (>2200bar)
  • Long lasting >4000h
  • High degree of efficiency, cost-optimized design, low weight
  • Good controllability of delivery volume and rail pressure
Torsional vibration damper / torsional vibration decoupling
  • Optimal dynamic parameter of elastomer decoupling in powertrain, while taking entire powertrain into consideration
  • Design of new elastomer component and hardware implementation thereof
  • Function verification and durability testing on special test bench
Weight optimization of series transmission housing
  • Construction of new series shift transmission housing
  • FEM calculation for durability and acoustics
  • Weight reduction >2kg equals savings of >1.8 million Euros p.a.
Series production setup for transmission control 
  • Planning of mechanical production, assembly, final checking
  • Logistics concepts and quality assurance
  • Supplier development
Assembly plant for drive component
  • Establishment of function requirements and simulation of process sequences
  • Concept variants in close agreement with component developer
  • Development, production and start-up of plant
Benchmark analysis of motorcycle powertrain
  • Analysis of powertrain resonance, shift shock, load change behaviour and rattling transmission as a basis for series development of a new motorcycle
  • Measurement of rpm and torque (DMS with telemetry) in transmission and at rear wheel
  • Comparison of road, roll, simulation model
Shift quality in passenger-car premium segment
  • Measurement analysis with the aid of the automated shift-comfort evaluation programme ProGear® and shift-comfort diagrams
  • Construction of a simulation model for the specific shift-comfort problem
  • Sensitivity examination and solution-finding with simulation
  • Hardware implementation and verification – improvement of synchronization force, of the 2nd pressure point and the unlocking force by means of an alternative synchronization
Clutch integration
  • Measurement analysis of several NVH phenomena in a powertrain 
  • Elaboration of a virtual toolbox for clutch and DMF/TD development
  • Comparison road, roller test bench measurements and simulation models
Juddery start
  • Analysis of juddery-start problem with automatic transmission and construction of relevant simulation model
  • Parametrical influence study and development of an active anti-judder algorithm in the simulation, including rigidity testing
  • Implementation in series
Task Force diesel injection pump
  • Optimization of surface coating of all affected components
  • Constructive elimination of axial bearing wear in the pump
  • Optimization of pressure limitation valve / suction throttle valve
  • High-speed images of feed pump in operation (proof and removal of cavitation)
  • Set-up of prototype pumps for precise measurement of torque and bends in the pump (telemetry)
Hydraulics development test bench
  • Testing of individual functions
  • Testing of overall functioning
  • Influences of changes can be rapidly checked
Dynamic torque measurement
  • Torque at motorcycle rear wheel
  • Common rail pump
  • Clutch
Construction methods with cast parts
  • Component-independent modelling strategy
  • Shorter development times due to resource-optimized model distribution
  • Shorter calculation times
Software development SIL (Software in the loop)
  • Construction of a dual-clutch transmission plant model with vehicle model for SIL and HIL
  • Development of a control algorithm with Matlab Stateflow
  • Virtual test of control unit software (SIL) before the hardware prototypes
Simulation of camshaft phaser
  • Set-up of simulation model of a camshaft phaser based on drawings
  • Prediction of adjustment dynamics and adjustability
  • Optimization before the hardware
Hybrid software development
  • Set-up of a hybrid powertrain model as a plant model with vehicle model for SIL (Software in the loop)
  • Development of a control algorithm for optimal comfort and consumption with Matlab Stateflow

Software application with rapid prototyping control unit in demonstrator vehicle and proof of consumption and comfort


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